Hunger School

Stay Tuned.... change is about to happen!

Hey beautiful people! We’re doing the change! It’s so exciting, I can’t wait!

The change we are experiencing is this: Waiting on God. The bible says to “wait patiently on the Lord and He will bring it to pass.” Something new and so amazing is being birthed. Will you wait with me and see what God will do? Will you wait with me for transformation so powerful it will change you from the inside out? It will change your family. It will change your whole life.

This is a catalytic time to let the Hunger of Jesus overtake us and change us. Hunger School is changing, This is also an invitation for you to also change. Ask Him for a new revelation of His love. If you’d like to join with me in transforming your life, leave me a message and I’ll join with you in prayer and add you to our growing list of hungry people!

Blessings, Kenny Morgan

Founder, Hunger School