What it looks like...

It looks like this: Monday Nights,  40 people who want to contend together for greater Hunger and press through to a deeper more focused relationship with Jesus... add to this a line-up of world changing speakers from Bethel Church, Redding like: Chris Overstreet,  Michael Brodeur, Abi Stumvoll, Jennifer Miskov,  and Shara Pradhan who will speak into your life and impart the hunger they walk in. You have to go after it though. Come and get it. Dinner is served and Hungry people are never late for dinner! 

The cost: A desire for more and doing whatever it takes to get there.

The fee: $400 (Due in full by Jan 1st). This goes to help pay the expenses of the speakers that travel here to release their hunger. (Monthly payment options may be available. Please contact us for details)




Please fill out the application to be considered for our Summer Quarter that begins May 8th, 2017