HUNGER SCHOOL is about becoming a world changer. World changing people do a simple thing first...fall in Love with Jesus... again. 

He's so committed to you.   He's committed to get your heart unstuck and put you onto the path of becoming a powerful lover of God. His love. His presence. His culture is a place that will radically change you.

We've seen it over and over again as people come to Hunger School... radically changed by His love and Hope.

The goal of Hunger School is for you to experience and grow in love with Jesus.  It's the circle Intimacy.  As I respond to His invitation of greater love I grow more Hungry for His love .  Hunger is a very intentional thing. It looks like hearing Him say come. It looks like hearing His voice to come. It looks like saying yes. It looks like it's time to fall in love with Jesus. Just say Yes!

Is this speaking to you? I think you're more hungry than you realize. Maybe you're not that sure how hungry you are but want to be... then Hunger School is for you!